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Bloatware Destroying Android Experience

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Samsung makes beautiful handsets. Can Samsung please stick to doing what they do best? If you were that good at software, would you be latching on to the open-source Android in the first place?  And this goes for vendors other than Samsung as well.

First Looks: IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

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Last year, there was an opportunity to participate in IBM’s Cloud Beta and I wrote about some initial impressions.

IBM have now rolled this out with geographically dispersed data centres.  Even with some terms being unique to IBM, the provisioning of instances and management of images should be familiar to those who have worked with Amazon’s EC2 and related cloud services.

This gives ‘true Blue’ customers an option to entrust sensitive systems to a cloud provider with whom there is an existing relationship.  It will be interesting to see how this offering from IBM stacks up against managed services from IBM.

Software Testing

Algorithmic Complexity and the Theoretical Limits of Testing: According to the undecidability theorem, most software quality properties are not provable. Therefore, what kind of testing techniques do we use to achieve software quality? While it is theoretically impossible to deterministically test a system for flawless quality, it is possible — through good design, communications and dynamic testing — to prevent and detect defects, and to verify and validate the system against pre-defined expectations.

Program Management

Program Management, a discipline that has been around for a long time (as in ‘social programs’), is gaining wider acceptance as IT projects become more complex, inter-related and closer to the actual business processes that they help to run. In other words, projects may fail to deliver their benefit due to no intrinsic failure of the project itself. The project delivers a product, whereas the program delivers the benefit.

Overview of ITIL-based Application Backup and Recovery

Derived from a subset of IT Service Continuity Management (ITIL v3 ITSCM): ITIL v3 ITSCM considers application backup and recovery as one of the risk mitigating factors in assuring service continuity. This is a brief discussion of commonly understood IT application backup and recovery methods within the ITIL v3 ITSCM framework.

Google Apps and Blackberry-style Device Wipes

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Google is changing and maturing as a corporation, and has recently missed an earnings target.  Rumours abound that Google may be turning ‘evil’.  However, I stumbled on to some features that Google has added to its ‘Apps’ offering that negate that perception.  I use Google Apps for our consultants — the shared contacts, docs, calendar and email delegation come in very handy.  All these features can be found in Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes, but these collaboration suites may not be cost-effective for a small company.